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Multi Purpose Jewellery by Shankarlal

We usually have a collection is a particular order listed for you to be aware of the sense of latest trends in the particular segment. But for a change, we decided to incorporate a list together of multi-purpose jewelry variety which involves long harams, choker necklaces, waistbands, earrings, etc. to give you an overview of the umbrella. 

The entire collection is a presentation of Shankalal jewelers and has a touch of fine jewelry to it especially because of the beautiful spread of diamonds and intricate detailing towards the designs. It is perfect to make the cut as bridal jewelry.

Multi Purpose Jewellery by Shankarlal

To begin with we have a beautiful pair up between emerald and diamonds and rubies. It is a total set containing 3 necklaces in varied lengths to float out a remarkable look and style.

The beat combination in stones and also the most popular one, here, is designed in a white gold base with some awe-striking deigns. It is matched with a waistband and some earrings to go with. The entire set is in a similar tone and has a widespread of cut diamond embellishments all over the exquisite design.

The waistband is a diamond spread with emerald and rubies studded for a color hue. Also called the Kamarband, the entire layout comes across as very antique yet appealing to the eyes.

Multi Purpose Jewellery by Shankarlal

The choker is an elongated one designed to cover a major part of the neck and fully studded with diamonds. It has a grand look to it with all the detailing and par excellence craftsmanship explored by the designers.

The work is very notable and commendable in the sense that the design reeks of elegance and exuberance. The entire bridal set is so glitzy in nature with all the augmented diamonds and structures on it that it is difficult to skip on it. The choker piece and the earrings have a common setup of white beads attached inline strings in multiple layers put together.

Multi Purpose Jewellery by Shankarlal

The above necklace piece in choker is a collection of two-tone grand diamond necklace one with a gold spread out and another completely white embellished with diamonds. It is carved out of 18-carat gold and white combination. The entire designs is a mesh design given to the entire set. 

The entire necklace is detachable into 3 parts. The above layer can be sprung out as a different choker while the bottom layer can be worn as a separate necklace. Even the pendant can be unlinked and worn with a single chain separately. 

The necklace has a peacock pendant with a ruby in the center and south sea pearls decorated at the bottom of the set. 

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