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Self Design Antique Chokers

Self Design Antique Chokers

This collection is an ode to the golden eras since it includes some of the exquisite necklace design that represents antique-looking jewelry blended with modern aesthetics. A collection defines the aesthetics followed by the designer. It talks a lot about their style and preferences.

The talk of this post is a collection of antique necklaces, that makes it to a beautiful accessory to enhance your look. It has a mix of necklaces involving various lengths and all the work out of gold and involving work with detailing and intricate designs.

The first necklace in the picture has an entire design carved totally out of gold that too which has a brass tinge of color to it. It looks very antique especially due to the brassy feel and the designs carved on this choker. e. If you are planning to go for a traditional south Indian style of bridal jewelry look then this one is just for that. The choker is a hard structured straight up choker with netted design and some freehand artwork over it. It also has hanging drop golden beads at the bottom.

Self Design Antique Chokers

This one is truly a traditional jewelry piece by its design and some unique craftsmanship gone into it. The design is something different that sort of has a turban pattern at the bottom. The entire choker has 2 prominent locket sort of a thing.  The pendant is embellished straight on the choker and has a blood ruby stone embedded in the droplet-shaped design of the pendant. It has a string of golden beads in multiple layers crisscrossing over the turban style design. The entire neck chain has different structures and is embellished with rubies and emeralds to give a slight hint of color. 

Self Design Antique Chokers

Looking for something grand in the jewelry, this set is just a synonym to the words like grand and royal. The choker set is a beautiful layout that goes around your neck with a lovely design. The band is made of some heavy work combination in rounded Polki diamonds interlinked with each other.

This purely based gold necklace is a stretch of glamour and aesthetics blended in a way that has churned out a beautiful piece of jewelry. The gold and cream combination has a very elegant feel to it yet maintaining the grace and exclusivity. It also has a drop pendant in the center of a droplet-shaped with blood ruby embedded in the center. 

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