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Pearls and Amethyst Necklaces

As we are towards the end of the week, we thought of introducing you to something new and unique. Since we always try to put out the latest trends here and make you aware of all the available jewels in fashion. Here we are with a new style of Amethyst Necklaces. 

Amethyst is basically a precious stone, a variety of quartz that has a purple or violet hue to it. It has a glass finish to it and looks really beautiful when paired up with sleek designs. It tends to make the recent cut to fine jewelry and gives it an altogether new dimension.

Pearls and Amethyst Necklaces

The crystal Amethyst stone has its own beauty that has its effect on the overall necklace designs. The stone purely is so beautiful that a simple and sleek design woven around it also does a lot of wonders. 

This beads necklace has multiple layers of gold and white beads aligned in strings to form the layer of the necklace. It ultimately ahs dropdowns of the purple stone with a crystal finish that looks amazingly exquisite and classy. 

Pearls and Amethyst Necklaces

The best part of Amethyst is that it can be paired with almost anything and it will still stand out in its element. The necklace in the above picture is a spread of two kinds of Amethyst stones, one is a rounded bead while there are also unstructured purple stones put together in this necklace. 

What adds charm to this beautiful looking necklace is the shiny pear stones blended with amethyst to have a beautiful color contrast between violet and white. The golden beads interlinked with designs also adds its own tinted beauty to the necklace. 

Pearls and Amethyst Necklaces

The last one is a pearl necklace which is a little different from the rest in terms of its color since this is one is more towards the darker purple side lets consider it violet. It also has a flat rounded crystal feel to it which makes it look very classy and elegant. 

Talking about the design of this necklace, it is basically a merger of white pearls and the amethyst stones interlinked to each other in alternate settings joined by golden chains. It also has pearl droplets and rounded pearls hanging from the upper layer of this necklace. 

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