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Sonam Kapoor Polki and Nakshi Earrings

Celebrity Jewelry plays a key role in defining the latest trends and to cultivate an acceptance among people pertaining to the fancy changing trends in the fashion industry. Especially if the styles are showcased by the fashionista Sonam Kapoor herself then you tend to believe in them with closed eyes. 

Sonam is known for her passionate styling and choice of exquisite picks in terms of jewelry and clothes. Her bold styles and experiments with traditional styles are something we swear by. Today's collection of Polki jewelry and Nakshi pattern earrings are also showcased by this most celebrated actress in the fashion industry. 
Sonam Kapoor Polki and Nakshi Earrings

These polki diamond-based jhumkas are a rage with women. They define sheer elegance in their make and the beautiful setting of elements that are combined together to deliver this beautiful pair of jhumkas. It is a very sleek and exquisite design that involves a great spread of diamond embellishments all over the jhumka.

The stud also has a very beautiful design theme with a emeralds studded right in the center. The jhumkas as the drop from the earring has its own charm with the netted themed diamond-embellished design

Sonam Kapoor Polki and Nakshi Earrings

It is a long jhumka with two layers, the stud and the conical drop interlinked with each other. The topmost one is the stud with a floral pattern followed by a circular shape pattern ending on the golden top jhumka.  The bottom-most layer is a drop jhumka fully in gold with carvings of designs on it. From there it leads on to south sea pears hanging at the bottom. The earring is a spread with different shaped polki stones adorned all over them.

Sonam Kapoor Polki and Nakshi Earrings

Another beautiful set of earrings, but this time with la Nakshi pattern that is so eye-catching and mesmerizing in its design. The earring is an amalgamation of golden bases set up with ruby bead stones mainly. Followed by the exquisite cut diamonds embellished on it with white small south sea pears stung on it in different layers. While the bottom layer is the jhumka the topmost stud is like a floral pattern in terms of the design aesthetic.

The earring is bordered with white beads at the bottom. The nakshi pattern is entirely in gold with polki stones studded overall.  

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