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Navaratan Kundan Opulent Chokers

Ladies that pick colorful jewelry that is vibrant festive in its outlook then we bring to you a range of Navaratan stones necklaces. Navratans is basically an amalgamation of 9 precious stones, all placed under one design. 

The nine precious stones when are brought together in a jewelry designs look nothing but extraordinaire due to the various color facets, these stones bring onto the table.

The collection of these chokers look really like a color splash and would go so well with most of the outfits. The stones are also aligned in such designs to make it look attractive and make these Navaratan chokers stand out. It has opulent looking chokers that are in Kundan work.

Let's go ahead and give a glance at these necklaces one by one.
Navaratan Kundan Opulent Chokers

The concept of this elaborate royal looking choker is that the Navaratan stones used to chalk out this choker have big stones that stand out and their collect reflects over the entire necklace prominently. The choker is a basic design involving huge Navaratan stones all over the collar band with diamond embellishments all surrounded by the stones which highlight the stones more prominently.

This is not it, the choker is extensively elaborated with an entire differently sized pearl combinations at the bottom of the choker with a pairing of cut diamonds.  The pearl drops are huge in size that falls as hanging drops from these chokers. The upper portion of the choker also has standing pearl joints to accentuate of the collarbone Navaratan layout. 

Navaratan Kundan Opulent Chokers

The next in the collection is another opulent choker with Kundan work packaged in gold. It is a really beautiful piece that can be included in bridal jewelry trends and styles. The difference in this Kundan necklace is that it does not incorporate all the nine stones of the Navaratan concept but has just a hint of emerald stone with more of ruby beads highlight all over the design of this necklace. 

It is a polki necklace with an amalgamation of kundan style that has a collarbone band all embedded in rubies and diamonds with a huge emerald stone adorned right in the center of the choker necklace. 

From the band choker, there are drop designs falling all from the choker that adds the extravagance to this beautiful choker in the form of rice pearls and red beads combination. 

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