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Navaratan Stones Choker

If you are someone into colorful jewelry which looks vibrant and more festive then we bring to you a range of Navaratan stones necklaces. Navratans is basically an amalgamation of 9 precious stones, all placed under one design. 

Due to the various color facets, these stones bring onto the table, these chokers look really like a color splash and would go so well with most of the outfits. The stones are also aligned in such designs to make it look attractive and make these Navaratan chokers stand out. 

Let's go ahead and give a glance at these necklaces one by one. 

Navaratan Stones Choker

This choker is a play of multiple colored gemstones and not just one this is the piece for you. This Navaratan stoned single-layered gemstone necklace has varied vibrant colored gemstones teamed up together in lines that accentuate the whole trendy and fresh feel of the piece. The colors used are also complementing really well with each other. The highlight is the usage of white stones as a neutralizer to not make it look very gaudy with colors. 

They basically have a floral theme going around with gemstones studded in the center of the flowers. The earrings paired up with this necklace also has the same theme and complements really well together as a set. 

Navaratan Stones Choker

The gemstone necklace incorporates all the nine precious gemstones all adorned in one single design- Ruby, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Red Coral, Pearl, Cat’s eye and Hessonite. All of them are put together in a way to make the necklace vibrant in terms of colors. They all are curated in a band kind of choker manner with one stone at the center. At the center, there is a pendant with ruby stone surrounded by diamond embellishments.

Navaratan Stones Choker

The necklace is based on a golden single layer layout with a chain going around the neck. The chain has gemstones in alternate settings put up that looks very trendy yet has that vintage vibe to it. It is undoubtedly a beautiful piece that can be paired with different kinds of outfits making it very versatile in nature. It also has matching earrings that coordinate with the set. The pendant has all the gemstones reappearing as small beads put together in a collage format.

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