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Flat Diamond Harams by Kalasha Jewellers

You may be wondering why are all the posts coming from us are around diamond these days. This is because diamonds are in trend and there are varieties in diamond work that are coming these days which we try to put it out for you. This can help you customize your existing collection and help you with additions that will stay in trend forever. Because diamonds are not going to be the pass of the day any sooner. 

This collection is all about long harams with flat big diamonds and some defined heavy bold work. It is presented by Kalasha Jewellers, from where you must have seen some other collections coming from them too that are all woven around diamonds. Without any further ado, let's have a look at the collection one by one. 

Flat Diamond Harams by Kalasha Jewellers

This set is a unique mix of beads and huge flat diamonds embedded. It has a unique design that shows a unique combination of elements. The necklace goes around the neck with multiple layering of white small beads. The end of these layering shows a striking start of a design that has leaf-like structures embedded in diamonds leading to the huge pendant. The pendant is a horizontally shaped big in size diamond pendant consisting of big flat diamonds on it. 

The pendant also consists of ruby stones augmented on it. It also has south sea pearls hanging from the bottom of the pendant. The design structure of the pendant is such that it has a rounded structure in the center with two florals in the extreme ends joined together with diamond blocks. 
Flat Diamond Harams by Kalasha Jewellers

This exquisite piece of the choker is a pretty impressive design that comes from Kalasha jeweler's collection. It is an amalgamation of two color schemes each defined by diamonds and green emerald beads. Both the layers are broad and wide hence carving out a piece that is huge altogether. The first layer is a collage work of huge flat diamonds put side by side with each other. In a similar fashion, the bottom layer is designed with the only difference that instead of diamonds they have green emerald beads. 

It is not easy to find just the right pair of choker necklace that has a mix of elegance and highlight your neck in just the right mix. These are the some that make you fall in love with the brilliance and intricacy of the designs. 

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