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Heavy Kasu Diamond Necklaces

Kasu mala as you already know is a traditional form of south Indian jewelry that comprises of a common design structure involving the interlinking of rounded flat coins with each other. The coin structure is only the definition of a kasu mala. Nowadays these kasu malas, that are a traditional form of jewelry are paired up with various precious elements to keep prevalent in the current trend of jewelry.

Here's presenting you a new collection of heavy kasu malas that are also integrated with precious stones such as diamonds. The designs are really intricate and define beauty and elegance in their own way.

Heavy Kasu Diamond Necklaces

This one is a unique yet fine mix of kasu mala with ethnic design structures of jewelry. The necklace is a choker piece that involves some beautiful detailing and a combination of traditionality and modern aesthetics. 

The uppermost layer is a blend of small detailed leaf and branch-like patterns intertwined with each other, all embedded in small diamond stones. The second layer is again a diamond detailed line of design amalgamating into interlinked pearls. The last layer consists of Kasu mala patternised coins in gold linked with each other. What stands out is the beautiful 3 layer pendant augmented in rubies, green emerald and diamond embellishments with a beautiful peacock design too. 

Heavy Kasu Diamond Necklaces

This beautiful necklace is also on similar lines as the before the necklace but has a design more based on gold purely than the inclusion of diamonds. It has some colorful beads merged with cut diamond beads pasted on the layer of this mid-length necklace. The central pendant again has a floral structure with green emerald and rubies layered on it. 

The gold of the kasu mala coins interlinked with each other in the bottom layer has a very shiny finish to it. Overall, the design looks very culture driven which makes it the trend of the season. 

Heavy Kasu Diamond Necklaces

The last but the, not the least, as we always save the best for the last. This magnanimous piece of jewel that portrays a realistic and very aesthetic blend of modern jewelry trends and the traditionality to its best. The necklace is overall a very intricate layout of some quite beautiful detailing of designs that are leaf-like with branches spreading through it.  

The central pendant layout is quite similar to the first one in terms of the incorporation of a peacock in the pendant and embellishments of pink ruby in the center and a south sea pearl hanging from it. 

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