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Exclusively Crafted Antique Kundan Pendants

If you are someone who avoids wearing heavy sets and prefer opting for simple light designs then this collection is suitable for you. The collection is all about different antique pendants that are embellished in diamond settings and are in a long format mostly and extremely lightweight. 

The pendant does not have a very heavy pattern that will bow down your neck instead have a very simple design. The sets are in dual themes- one is embedded in green emeralds while the other has rubies. 

Exclusively Crafted Antique Kundan Pendants

If you are looking for a break from gold and diamond pendants, then this is a breather for you. The pendant incorporates small green beads linked with each other. The multiple layering is what works really well especially with the broad pendant. Following the theme of this post, it has a Kundan pendant layered that has two peacocks meeting together from where drops a hanging locket embedded in pink rubies. The green and pink combination works really well with this piece. 

Exclusively Crafted Antique Kundan Pendants

The pendant has peacock structure carved onto it in pure 22-carat gold with a diamond branch-like embellishments around it. Falling from this set are golden designed beads hanging from the pendant as well as the chain. There are green emerald stones and rubies placed in a distance that brings a tinge of color to the piece.

The pendant also has a few streaks of augmented colored beads like green emerald and rubies that. The pendant has golden beads on the top as a part of the design structure and beads at the bottom as hanging dropdowns.  

Exclusively Crafted Antique Kundan Pendants

The pendant looks like a royal tray served with unique designs over it embedded with pink rubies. What adds a little dynamism to this elegant piece is the hanging beads from and a single jhumka again embedded with pink beads falling through the tray-like structure.

The entire design is carved totally out of gold with just a hint of color from green emerald stone, red rubies and some hanging beads. The models in the picture look lovely with the entire look in place. If you are planning to go for a traditional south Indian style of bridal look then this one is just for that.

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