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Navaratan Stones Rich Lockets

Elegance is not defined by a lot of expensive materials put together for a design but its the aesthetic and the combinations that talks a lot about a jewelry piece other than what has gone into it while making it. This is the simple reason why most of the women choose simple yet effective designs over fancy stuffing any day.

Today, in the spotlight we have a collection of colorful lockets all embedded in Navaratan stones defining beauty in its own exclusive way. 

Navaratan Stones Rich Lockets

The Kundan pendant necklace has a multiple layer setting of small white beads that finally merge into a colorful pendant embedded with Navaratan stones. It has all the nine precious gemstones augmented on the beautiful circular designs in unison with cut diamond embellishments. The necklace also has a matching ruby stud earring with south sea pearls hanging from the bottom.

Navaratan Stones Rich Lockets

The first one is an elaborate set up combining different design structures and work that boasts traditionally and ethnicity. The most relevant and obvious work that has been seen in crafting this piece is the Navaratan embellishments on the locket. It is a combination of gold and diamond layout with a brassy feel to it. 

It also has green beaded drops from the bottom that adds a little dynamism to this design of the locker. The beauty can be worn by a simple chain or likewise white multiple-layered chain. 

Navaratan Stones Rich Lockets

The pendant is a floral setting that incorporates all the nine precious gemstones all adorned in one single design- Ruby, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Red Coral, Pearl, Cat’s eye and Hessonite. All of them are put together in a way to make the pendant vibrant in terms of colors. They all are curated in a circular manner with one stone at the center. 

Navaratan Stones Rich Lockets

If you are looking around to play with multiple colored gemstones and not just one this is the piece for you. This Navaratan Polki locket stoned single-layered Kundan necklace has varied vibrant colored gemstones teamed up together in lines that accentuate the whole trendy and fresh feel of the piece. The colors used are also complementing really well with each other. The highlight is the usage of white stones as a neutralizer to not make it look very gaudy with colors. It also has south sea pearls added to the design element and has matching earrings with it. 

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