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Ruby Emerald Gemstone Beads Jewellery

Ruby Emerald Gemstone Beads Jewellery

If sapphires, rubies, emeralds patterned with diamond and gold necklaces are the only thing that one can think while discussing pieces of jewellery then they have definitely not gotten a chance to take a sneak-peak into the jewelry box of a woman. Especially, if the long-lived gemstones are missing then definitely the collection is an incomplete one. 

The talk of this post is a collection of beads jewelry, with colorful beads paired up that makes it to a beautiful accessory to enhance your look. It has a mix of necklaces involving various lengths and all the work out of multiple layers of a single colored bead paired up with pendant and other structures.

So without having an elongated conversation on what's there ahead let's straightly dive into the paired up beautiful beaded necklaces in the collection of this post.

Ruby Emerald Gemstone Beads Jewellery

This first one is a mid-length necklace collection followed by a long necklace that is shown in the second picture. It is meant to swoon you from your feet with its elegant combination of colors to form a special artwork. The gemstones necklace is basically a spread of a wide pendant and the either ends with multiple layers of emerald beads forming the chain of the choker with the pendant also involving a unique design display.

The pendant has a huge green emerald rock in the center surrounded by a sleek cut diamond embellishments in combination with polki style diamond-adorned on the creeper -like the design of the pendant.

The hint of emeralds in multiple folded layers interlinked with the beads in the necklace complements the overall color theme of the necklace.

The next in the collection is a layering of beads in multiple counts once again but more towards the side of Ruby beads in wholesome. The beads are again mashed up in different layers interlinked with each other in a combination of a side motif that boasts about the Navaratan stones embedded in it. 

It is a neat and decent beaded set which is the theme of this that can be matched with any outfit with a beautiful floral side motif. The stones used to carve out this beautiful pendant that has some multiple layers in the likes of all nine gemstones embedded over it.. The motif is in a floral shape and creates quite a contrast. 

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