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Lakshmi Pendants with Rice Pearls

Sometimes you don't really want to go all about heavy jewelry sets to chalk out your look. There are many out there who prefer wearing a simple chain and a pendant over the exquisite necklace sets. For the ladies who love to put up their looks with different pendants on a chain, this pendant collection is for you.

The collection comprises of some unique pendant sets embellished with cut diamonds to carve out a look that can go with anything and everything. The central theme for all the pendant is the Laxmi designed miniature that is there on all these pieces of this collection.

Lakshmi Pendants with Rice Pearls

The pendant has goddess Laxmi carved onto it in pure 22-carat gold with a diamond branch-like embellishments around it. Falling from this set are golden designed beads hanging from the pendant as well as the chain. There are green emerald stones and rubies placed in a distance that brings a tinge of color to the piece.

The pendant also has a few streaks of augmented colored beads like green emerald and rubies that. The pendant has golden beads on the top as a part of the design structure and beads at the bottom as hanging drop downs.  

Lakshmi Pendants with Rice Pearls

The highlight of this pendant is the golden brassy feel that the entire piece has which balances the time between the vintage jewelry with cutting its way through the modernized trends. The Laxmi pendant with intricate detailing is quite evident and looks awe-striking. The pendant is surrounded with designs having green emerald beads embedded on it.

At the bottom, a combination of south sea pearls and golden beads are hanged at the bottom. The pendant also has slight hints of emerald beads and diamonds.

Lakshmi Pendants with Rice Pearls

Going forward, a contrasting piece altogether different from Gattupusalu is the Laxmi haram golden brassy feel based pendant. It is an average-sized pendant that has some exquisite design work with diamonds and pink ruby beads embedded on it as the falling band and with a center pendant that has traditional Laxmi miniature over it. The entire peace has a very temple jewelry feel and defines ethnicity in different standards. 

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